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National convention on European Union in Serbia

Chairmanship of National Convention on EU consists of eminent representatives of NGOs and government, who have made, in their professional careers, significant results, and achievements in European integration process of Serbia into EU.  They, beside their unquestionable leadership in guiding society on difficult and thorny European way, represent important promoters of European ideas and values.


Chairmanship of National Convention on EU consists of:

Mr.Oliver Dulić

President of the Republic of Serbia National Assembly

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Mr. Aleksandar Popović

Minister of Mining and Energy

Mr.Vuk Jeremić

Minister of Foreign Affairs

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Mr. Živorad Kovačević

President of the European movement in Serbia

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Mrs. Tanja Miščević

Director of the EU Integration Office of Serbian Government

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Mrs. Sonja Licht

Director of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence

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Mr. Željko Ožegović

President of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities

Chairmanship and working groups meet once a year, at a Plenary Sessions, where strategic questions on Serbian accession in European Union are discussed. On this occasion, all members of Convention meet, and that is the reason why Plenary Session as an unique opportunity provides for members of different working groups a chance to meet, exchange opinions, and present topics and questions which they plan to discuss, as well as previous results within their working groups. Beside that, Chairmanship is involved in Conventions’ work during year, because it’s regularly informed about working group engagement, and recommendations are delivered to Chairmanship Members as well.



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