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About National Convention about EU in Serbia

The National Convention on EU in Serbia (NK EU) is a unique project aiming at institutionalization of a permanent body within which a permanent, thematically structured debate will be held between the representatives of the state administration, politicians, NGOs, experts, professional associations, and broader public on the future accession of Serbia to the EU.
The general goal of the project is:
  • strengthening capacities of Serbia for the EU integration process;
  • creating a forum for a permanent public debate on the European future of Serbia, which would encompass the Serbia regions as well;
The specific goal of the project is:
  • encouraging an open and transparent dialogue between all relevant stakeholders by by providing them with exclusive and relevant information from experts in the given areas.
The National Convention on EU works by the principle of partnership between the state sector, i.e. the institutions directly involved in the negotiation process, and the non/state sector, that is, NGOs, political parties, academic public, business community, media, and the broader public.
The NK EU has achieved substantial results in its first phase, which were presented through the adopted recommendations, during the period when Serbia was in the process of negotiating the SAA. During the second phase, a breakthrough towards the EU membership was made with the liberalization of the visa regime, the coming into force of the Interim trade agreement, and with the submission of the application for EU membership.
Having in mind the more and more demanding future phases of Serbia’s road to EU membership, the NK EU 2010 would be focused on monitoring the implementation of priorities, which are clearly set in the European partnership and National Program for Integration, with an annual overview given in the Progress report. Furthermore, the Working groups of the NK EU shall make reference to the new Treaty of EU, the Lisbon strategy, and the other strategic priorities and policies of the EU, where applicable.
NK EU 2010 would also focus more on the quality of the passed laws, strategies and planes, and less on the simple quantity, and it would also keep its basic function – the forum for public debate on the most important, but often neglected reform issues on the road to the EU, as well as the mechanism for defining the recommendations and suggestions from the civil society and business sector to the decision makers.

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