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Topic: Implementation of Regulations in the area of Environmental Protection
Discrepancy between normative and real is one of the characteristics of the existing environmental protection system, which is perceived as a problem of Serbia in the implementation of activities that are related with the EU integration process. It is considered that some EU regulations are completely or mainly transposed into national regulations, but the question of implementation is regarded as opened. Consequently, there is a great importance of these issues from the standpoint of achieving the overall objectives in this field and planning deadlines for achieving full implementation of the regulations. The complexity of the problem of the regulations implementation in the field of environment is caused by many different circumstances, and among them it should especially bear in mind the following:
  • Inherited systemic problems in society, economy and administration
  • The nature and depth of changes that are implied in the EU approximation process
  • The circumstances that are result of changes in ownership structure of companies
  • Current state of economy in transition and real possibilities for implementation of the obligations
  • The lack of the implementation of the adequate stimulating measures
  • The problems related to the role of “environmental” investments in the function of the environmental regulations implementation
  • Inadequate procedures for preparation and adoption of the laws and other regulations (especially in the part related to the realistic assessment of opportunities and needs of society)
  • Current state of administrative capacity transformation, especially in circumstances that require the coordination of different subjects, the role of inspection, judicial system, local self-government, etc.
  • State and organization of scientific capacities, educational system, etc.
  • State of awareness, the role of public and non-governmental organizations, etc
Expert of the Working group: Dragoljub Todić
Members List of Working Group “Ecology”
  • Aleksandar Mijović Dr, Assistant Director, Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia
  • Aleksandra Balać, Secretary, The Environmental Protection Committee, National assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • Aleksandra Čavoški, Professor, Faculty of Law, Union University , Belgrade
  • Anđelka Mihajlov, President, Environmental Ambassadors
  • Bojan Kovačić, Deputy Director, Energy Efficiency Agency, Republic of Serbia
  • Branislava Lepotić Kovačević, Adviser, Public Enterprise Transnafta, Pančevo
  • Danijela Trajković, Deputy Public Prosecuter, Senior Public Prosecution, Vranje
  • Darinka Radojević, Coordinator of National Sustaiable Development Strategy, Office of thr Vice President of the Serbian Government
  • Dejan Stojadinović, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Republic of Serbia
  • Dušan Stokić, Secretary of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Serbian Chambre of Commerce
  • Dušan Vasiljević, Partner and President of the Board of Directores, SNC International Holdings, LLC
  • Goran Vujić, Head of the Department for Engineering and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad
  • Gordana Stevanović, Assistant General Secretary, Ombudsman
  • Lazar Krnjeta, Director, TTI group d.o.o, Belgrade-PU“Komdel“
  • Lidija Bartuš Vasiljević, Adviser, Western Balkans Consulting
  • Ljiljana Milić, President of the Department, Senior Magistrates Court, Niš
  • Ljiljana Stanojević, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Serbia
  • Ljubinka Kaluđerović, Adviser for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, The Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities
  • Maja Krunić Lazić, Adviser, Agency of Environmental Protection, Republic of Serbia
  • Marina Ilić, Professor, Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Belgrade
  • Marko Milenković, Faculty of Law, Belgrade
  • Marko Topo, President, The Student Association, University of Novi Sad
  • Milan Nikolić, Director, Center for alternative studies, Belgrade
  • Milan Trumić, Professor/ Vice-dean, Faculty of Technical Sciences- Bor, University of Belgrade
  • Miloš Katić, Director, EKO DIMeC d.o.o
  • Mirjana Tukar, President, Senior Magistrates Court, Novi Sad
  • Nikola Mirković, Judge, Basic Court Valjevo
  • Olga Šipovac, Secretary, Secretariat for Environmental Protection, Pancevo
  • Olivera Radovanović, President of Board of Directors, Green Network Vojvodina
  • Predrag Aleksić, Executive Directore for Forestry and Environmental Protection, Public Enterprise for Forest Management Srbijašume
  • Radmilo Pešić, Professor, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade
  • Siniša Mitrović, Adviser, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Serbia
  • Slavko Bogdanović, PhD, Professor, Business Academy Novi Sad
  • Slobodan Milutinović, Professor, University of Niš
  • Sonja Prodanović, Senior Researcher, Institute of Architecture and Urban and Spatial Planning of Serbia
  • Srđan Matović, Member of the City Council, City of Kragujevac
  • Stanojla Mandić, Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection
  • Stevan Lilić, Professor, Faculty of Law , Belgrade
  • Tanja Petrović, Secretary General, Young Researches of Serbia
  • Tatjana Radovanović, Technical Assistant, Provincial Secretariat for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development, Novi Sad
  • Valentina Đureta, Program Coordinator, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence
  • Vukica Popadić Njunjić, Coordinator of Services for Environmental Protection, RB Kolubara
  • Zoran Sretić, The EU Integration Office, The Government of the Republic of Serbia
  • Zorica Isoski, Deputy Director, Victoria Consulting





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