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Working groups
The Working groups will consist of at least 40 members, representatives of all interested groups (representatives of state initiatives, NGOs, professional associations, business community and other social groups) and an internal expert.
Each group will have two meetings, first during the spring session (May – June) and second during the autumn session (September – November). These sessions present an occasion to hear different views, open qualitative and constructive debate, and adopt concrete and harmonized recommendations thus contributing to reaching a national consensus in Serbia about the integration in the EU.
The overall theme of the Working groups has already been defined, and the members will actively participate in formulation of the sub-themes, propositions, suggestions, and recommendations which will be distributed to the decision-makers in the form of policy papers. NK EU is consisting of the Chairmanship and five Working groups.
The Working groups and their topics are:
  1. Democracy and the rule of law
    • Topic: The independant bodies and their participation in the accession process

  2. Regional cooperation and international obligations
    • Topic: From neighboring to regional cooperation

  3. Infrastructure
    • Topic: Necessary infrastructure for good governance, development and competitiveness

  4. Ecology:
    • Topic: Implementation of Regulations in the area of Environmental Protection

  5. Democratic governance
    • Topic: Electoral legislation reform
    • Topic: Independent/regulatory institutions and their role in the pre-accession process – experiences of the region and EU member states




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