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Regional cooperation and international obligations
Topic: From neighboring to regional cooperation
In the previous stages of the National Convention on the European Union Working Group "Regional Cooperation" dealt with a series of issues at the regional level, from the political, economic, social, security, judicial, infrastructural to institutional. In the new phase of the Convention, the WGs will deal with bilateral relations of the Republic of Serbia with its neighbors, especially with the new neighbors, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. It is necessary to make an overview of overall relations of the R. Serbia with neighboring countries, including political, contractual, economic, cultural and other aspects, and take note of all open questions and problems, old and new, to analyze the current situation and suggest measures for improvement of relations and the realization of one of the foreign policy priorities of the Government of the Republic Serbia - good neighborly relations and promoting regional cooperation, and to a great extend, the strategic goal - membership in the European Union.
Expert of the Working group: Jasminka Kronja
Members List of Working Group “Regional Cooperation and International Obligations”
  • Aleksandar Popov, Director, Centre for Regionalism
  • Almir Pramenkovic, Dean, Faculty for Islamic Studies Mesihat of Islamic Community of Serbia
  • Bisera Seceragic, Local Council president, European Movement Novi Pazar
  • Budimir Ivanisevic, Financial Director, Fund for Humanitarian Law
  • Dragan Dukanovic, Scientific Associate, Institute for International politics and Economy
  • Dragana Zarkovic Obradovic, Director, BIRN – Balkans research network in Serbia
  • Dordana Kurir, Head of the Department, Department for EU integration, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • Dorde Stanicic, Secretary General, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities
  • Ivan Knezevic, Deputy Secretary General European Movement in Serbia
  • Katarina Ristic, Advisor, European Integration Committee, National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia
  • Ljiljana Josic, Local Council President, European Movement Sremska Mitrovica
  • Marina Jelic, Executive Director, Centre for Peace and Development of Democracy
  • Marina Jovicevic, Director for Regional Initiatives, Ministry of Foreign Affaires
  • Mila Vujic, Local Council President, European Movement Nis
  • Milivoje Miletic, Director of Bureau for Regional Cooperation, Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Miljenko Dereta, Director, Civic Initiative
  • Muftija Jusufspahic, Serbian Muftia, Islamic Community of Serbia
  • Natasa Dragojlovic, Assistant of Director, Office of National Council for Decentralization Republic of Serbia
  • Natasa Gospodjinacki, Team Leader, European Commission – CBIB Phase 2
  • Nikola Šlajh, Local Council President, European Movement in Serbia, Local Council Zrenjanin
  • Ognjen Miric, Coordinator for EU Funds, Office of the Vice President of the Serbian Government
  • Slobodan Boskovic, Assistant of Minister for European Integration, Ministry of Justice Republic of Serbia
  • Snezana Mijailovic, Assistant Director, Electro – Energetic Coordination Centre
  • Sonja Biserko, Director, Helsinki Comity for Human Rights
  • Sonja Stojanovic, Director, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy
  • Tanja Miscevic, Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  • Vladimir Ateljevic, Advisor, Serbian EU Integration Office
  • Vladimir Pavicevic, Assistant, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  • Vladimir Petronijevic, Executive Director, Group 484
  • Zoran Jovanovic, Director, Directorate for Regional Initiatives, Ministry for Foreign Affairs Republic of Serbia
  • Zorana Vlatkovic, Advisor for European Integration, Ministry for Internal Affairs Republic of Serbia
  • Zarko Petrovic, Director of Researches, ISAC Fund





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